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Bespoke Spirits & Weddings: Testimonials

Given our independent nature we're happy to work with bars, restaurants or even one off events to produce a unique recipe and bottle so help you truley stand out! 

This also mean we can work with couples for there special day to make a uniquely perfect Gin for everyone to enjoy on the special day! 


Through our years of experience we have developed a multitude of spirit recipes for other individuals, and business, including some UK firsts. If you would like to discuss creating your own spirit for your licenced venue or to take to market please contact our head of production via the button below

Wine Barrels


Planning your big day? We’d love to bring the perfect gin and tonics to your table. 

We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke gin services to help make your day the bit of heaven, we are able to work with you to make a bespoke recipe for your special day, as well as supplying tonics.

To help us provide you a quote, please drop an email to with the following information:

  1. Where and when are you planning your big day?

  2. How many guests are you planning to invite?

  3. How many bottles you think you would like?

  4. Any favours you would like to include?

  5. Any further details on what you would like from your bespoke drink provider.

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Bespoke Spirits & Weddings: Products
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