Wor story

Like all good ideas, Geordie Gin was first born in the pub.


Old school friends and lifelong pals, Geoff Graydon and Stu Lamb were sitting mulling over a gin and tonic

Staring out over the Tyne, watching a smattering of ships moving purposefully up and down the river, the conversation went something like this:


“We should start a business”

“Good idea, what do you have in mind?”

Looking down at the empty glasses, Stu said: “How about starting up a gin company?”

"Class! How hard can it be?”

Canny hard is the answer to that question. Two years later, the duo was finally able to produce a gin to be savoured.

Completely independent and self-financed, all of the research, setup and development have been done in house by Geoff and Stu who later added some youthful exuberance with the addition of Adam Dobson Lamb who took over the day to day running of the business.

The centrepiece of the operation is the Rotary Vacuum, still lovingly named Thelma, with a picture of the whole operation due up soon!

The end result is the ability to quickly produce small batches of handcrafted quality Geordie Gin, a Newcastle gin to be proud of.

This beautifully smooth gin contains juniper, liquorice root, white pepper, lemon peel and a hint of vanilla.

Ready to give it a gan?

The Geordie-Gin Co certainly hopes so.


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